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Process Performance – Who Owns It?

Process Ownership – Who’s Responsible for Process Performance?
Every organization has a set of core business processes.  Continuous improvement of their performance is critical to achieving operational excellence. When asked who’s responsible for the performance of those processes, most organizations point to the person who resides at the top of the organization chart.  The reality, they are responsible for P&L and therefore the performance of the entire organization.  For them to take ownership of each of the core processes would be more than an overload.  The highest performing organizations assign ownership for core processes to key employees working in the process.

Process owners are responsible for:

Typically, business processes (especially core business processes) operate across organizational boundaries.  As such, process owners must work collaboratively and cooperatively with managers of other parts of the organization to ensure resources and staffing are available to ensure consistent process performance.  From time to time, conflicts will arise between the goals of the process owner related to process performance and the goals of the various organizational units through which the process operates.  When these arise, it is incumbent upon all parties to resolve the conflict by identifying a solution that will give the entire organization its greatest benefit.  This may require engaging the expertise of others within the organization who can evaluate the effect of various alternatives on the organization as a whole – accountants, engineers, etc.
Who should be given ownership responsibility for core processes?  Ownership responsibility should be given to those that already have responsibility for some part of the process, have demonstrated the ability to work across organizational boundaries to achieve organizational goals, have a reasonably good understanding of the process from start to finish and a willingness to take on more responsibility and accountability.


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