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Building An Effective Organization

How do you know that your organization will be able to effectively meet the challenges of the future?  This is a key question that many of our clients have asked in the past.  We answer this question by examining two factors.  First, does the organization in its people have the skill sets and competencies necessary to effectively do the work that is currently expected of it and will likely be expected of it in the future?  And second, does the organization recognize the breadth and depth of the processes that need to be in place to carry it into the future.

We’ll wrestle with the first of these questions this week.  To define the skill sets and competencies required by an organization, we work our way through the following steps:

1.  Define the work to be accomplished – type, volume, quality level and productivity.  Forecast the workload that you anticipate in the coming quarters and years.
2.  Define the processes employed to accomplish the work – types and sources of inputs required, types and quantities of outputs required, and the conversion process that must take place to change the inputs to outputs.
3.  Define the skills sets and levels of competency that are required by the process employed to accomplish the work.
4.  Examine the work from the perspective of wasted time and effort – employing lean concepts to minimize waste. Be careful not to get bogged down in the minutia of this step.  By focusing our efforts on only those items that will truly drive throughput, we will see the maximum benefit.  Failure to maintain this focus is perhaps the single largest reason lean projects fail to see the bottom line results they promise and disillusion management.
5.  Define the skill sets and levels of competency possessed by the workforce – for most positions in most organizations this is largely a subjective evaluation.  Even in cases where certifications are required, a range of competency still exists and can for the most part only be evaluated subjectively.
6.  Examine the gap between the desired skill sets and competency levels of the existing personnel and establish the organizational development plan to close the gap – training and motivating employees to broaden their skill sets and improve their levels of competency or bring in a more skilled and competent workforce.

If you are facing these types of concerns, understand what needs to be done, discuss it with your management team and get the help you need to proceed with the studies of this nature if you believe you and your team needs it.

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